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We are an HMRC PAYE Approved Payroll, RTI and Pension Service and can help you avoid the penalties for filing late

The Complete Payroll Service


Bookkeeping4u can provide a complete comprehensive service for all your payroll requirements. We are HMRC PAYE agents and can undertake weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, or monthly payroll calculations and services.  


Payrolls are mainly run in our office. The information for the payroll is transmitted to us by Phone, Email or Paper Delivery. The payroll is run on the agreed day and payment details are sent off by email, phone on that day.

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What does the payroll service include?


​Our fees include:
• Payslips (printed and posted or emailed)
• Management Reports
• PAYE remittance advice
• P45/46 slips as required
• Postage or email to Employer

Our Year End fees include:
• P35 Calculations and electronic submission to HMRC
• P14’s for your records
• P60’s for all employees​



The Government initiative, Auto Enrolment requires every employer to put their qualifying staff into a workplace pension scheme and to make contributions towards their employee’s pension. As a NEST delegate organisation, we can help you to setting up a scheme, letters, returns and submissions and to comply with all workplace pension regulations.

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RTI Full Payment Submissions receipts (full details of what has been submitted to HMRC for each pay period)​ are also included ​There are no hidden extras - what you see is what you get. We don't charge extra for setting up or transfering over this is included in our fixed fees.

Not registered for a PAYE scheme yet? Not a problem,

we can do that for you.

Contact Rich or Kim to Find Out More.

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