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Get your business moving with Xero

What is Xero Cloud Accounting?


At Bookkeeping4u we are specialists in Xero Cloud Accounting. We have been Certified Partners since 2012 and are Gold Partners. We love Xero and recommend it to all new businesses.


Xero is user friendly, and by using the automated tasks, is designed to save you time and money.


10 Reasons why we love Xero


1. Bank statements feed directly into the software meaning that at the click of a button you can see how much money you have, what’s going out and what’s coming in.


2. It’s all backed up onto the cloud and takes up no server space, with no installation required, so no danger of losing your data.


3. As long as you have internet access it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime by ​as many people as you want, from anywhere in the world.  


4. Invoices and statements can all be customised and sent at the click of a button so no need for expensive stationery or postage.


5. Invoices are electronically traced so you can see who has opened it and when. The outstanding amount will automatically update when new invoices are raised.


6. There is awesome online support at no extra cost, plus training videos are all available online. ​   


7. The smart phone app, Xero touch, allows you to photograph expense receipts and scan them directly into your accounts. You can also check who owes you money and call them up at the touch of a button. ​  


8. There are no upfront costs and you pay as you go on a monthly basis so no sunk costs or subscriptions.   


9. It’s a web page so everything is link based. Click in enough places and you will find what you are looking for. ​ ​  ​


10. New features are added all the time so if you want something, just ask and it may be in the next update!  

Try Xero for FREE


For a limited time we can offer a FREE Xero Account for small businesses. This amazing deal is worth over £300 over 12 months.

The Xero monthly subscription costs from just £11 per month on a Pay-As-You-Go contract.


Contact us for more details of this offer asap:​

Need Xero Training?


We hold Xero Demonstrations and Training Course at our offices in Hereford on a monthly basis. Alternatively you can book one-to-one demos or full training courses for up to 6 people at a location convenient to you.


Why choose Xero?

online-banking (2).png


Xero’s all about making tedious tasks easier so Xero connects straight to your bank so your transactions feed automatically.

Most UK Banks are now partners with Xero.



Find out how to create and send
a professional looking quote to your customers using Xero. You can easily track the status of your quotes and convert them to invoices in just a few clicks.

invoice (1).png


Learn about easy-to-use Xero online invoicing to create and send beautiful invoices, and to give your customers the ability to pay you online - which can help
you get paid faster.



Xero makes it easy to keep track of your accounts payable and simplify the task of paying your bills. See how to pay bills
individually or in batches, and set up repeating bill payments.

online-banking (1).png


With Xero reconciling is no longer a chore. Reconcile a bank payment, multiple invoices or bills with a single item on the bank statement, and transfer money between accounts.



Xero Expenses helps you reduce the hidden costs of processing expense claims by giving you simplified workflows,
powerful control, and integrated
accounting - all inside Xero.

Want to see how Xero Cloud Accounting can change your business? 

Contact us to Find Out More.

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