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Self Assessment Guide (Part One)

Do I need to complete a Self Assessment Return?

If you a sole trader, partner in a partnership or partner in an LLP and were trading at any point between 6th April 2018 – 5th April 2019 then you need to complete a Self Assessment Return by 31st January 2020. If you don’t file before the deadline, you’ll be fined at least £100 by HMRC.

How do I register with HMRC?

If you have a Government Gateway ID from a previous year’s tax return, you’re all set!

If you don’t have this ID or don’t know what it is, read on:

Sole traders



  • Each partner must register with HMRC

  • If you’re a partner in an LLP, Companies House will notify HMRC when you register the LLP, so you don’t need to register the LLP with HMRC yourself.

Once you’ve registered, HMRC will send you a letter that contains your 10-digit Unique Tax Reference (UTR).

What happens once I’ve registered to file my tax return?

Once you’ve registered to file your tax return online, HMRC will issue you with a 12-digit user ID, which is also called your “Government Gateway ID”. Keep this safe! Rather than writing it on a piece of paper which might get lost. You will be prompted to set a password to accompany this ID as you’re registering. HMRC will then send you an activation PIN in the post, which takes at least seven days to arrive.

Once that arrives, you need to log in using your Government Gateway ID and password, and key in the activation PIN.

Look out for our Self Assessment Guide Part Two later this week...

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