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Xero Special Offers

As Xero Partners, we receive special offers to pass on to new and existing Xero Clients.

The latest offers are:

50% off Xero Subscription for 4 months for new users

This offer is worth over £150 and is a great incentive for new users to 'give it a go' at half the normal price.

50% off Payroll Fees for 6 months

If you currently use Xero but use a separate Payroll software then this offer is great. As we are already part way through the Payroll Year, you can try switching to Xero Payroll and have all the financial information in one place.

CIS FREE until March 2020

If you currently spend time working out your Construction Industry Scheme information manually. Or worse still - pay your accountant to do it. Then the new CIS integration which has been added to Xero is great. Once set up Xero calculates all CIS payments and charges and you can submit your CIS Returns directly through Xero to HMRC. More details about CIS are in next week's blog.

If you want to take up any of these offers, please get in touch.

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